Superfood Garden

Are you dreaming of perfect health – for yourself, your family, friends and the whole planet? Well, we all know it takes a bit more than a dream. You have to take action. But if that sounds overwhelming, remember one step at a time is enough.

You don’t have to follow the well-meaning advice about eating healthier, exercising more, changing to more natural cleaning products etc all at once. Take your pick for the first step. For me, eating as healthy as possible is vital. So I start there. And by growing my food myself I know exactly what’s in it.

What to grow and eat to achieve great health? One way to simplify all the options is to choose the so-called superfoods. Others have already done the research and discovered that these plants have numerous health-enhancing properties. And there are plenty to choose from. You might not agree with all the findings, and some may even be confusing. Not all of the foods described as superfoods fit into your idea of the best diet for you, or you might be allergic to some of them. That’s fine – just ignore those.

David Wolfe has a great list and descriptions of superfoods in his book for people on a raw food diet, but many are exotic and expensive. I like to include more homegrown superfoods such as tomatoes and blueberries.

  • It’s not as difficult or time consuming as you might think to grow a superfood garden. And it can be as small or as big as you like.
  • If you have only a windowsill, grow some holy basil or sprouts.
  • If you only have space for a couple of plant containers, you could grow a blueberry bush and a tomato plant, and that’s a great start.
  • If you have space for a garden, you can try different fruits, vegetables, herbs and even grains like quinoa.
  • And even if you have no garden, there’s a superfood garden out there for you. Learn more about wild herbs – which ones grow well in your area and are very beneficial and safe to pick. Then take your family and friends for a pick-nic. Go and pick what nature has superbly grown for you – totally for free.

You can’t go wrong with any of the superfoods you choose to grow or gather yourself. Of course if they’re new to you eat a small amount first to see if you like the taste and if your body can easily digest them. The best superfood garden is the one YOU plan – and plant – and eat yourself.

Let’s grow super food for super health.