SFS 55 – Endless Energy This Summer with Christila Chandra

If you’re in need of some extra energy this summer, you’re in the right place. I have invited a very special guest today. Christila Chandra is a transformation coach who helps busy moms eat and live healthy while on the go. I’ve recently received many questions from listeners about how to gain more energy. It seems everybody’s exhausted right before vacation time. So today we are going to discuss some delicious, easy and fast solutions that will fit into any busy day of the week.

01:47 – Welcome Christila Chandra – the transformation coach helping busy moms
02:55 – Christila’s preferred energy foods for Summer
04:42 – Christila’s preferred cooking method
07:51 – When is the best time to eat
09:40 – How snacking throughout the day leads to overeating
11:00 – The leftovers method of busy women
12:34 – What to do if you’re expecting a garden party on the weekend and not sure how to keep the energy up after the party
16:18 – Standby foods you should always have in your fridge
18:16 – How to come up with ideas for food when you are hungry but too tired to think
20:33 – How to prepare for the upcoming week on Sunday
23:56 – How to organize your life so that you can be relaxed
24:44 – Where you can find more tips from Christila

Resources mentioned:

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Did you enjoy this episode? Would you like more superfood tips while on the go?