SFS 52 – Red, White & Blue Superfoods

Today we’re addressing the issue of celebration food for Summer. It’s the time of year when we all go to barbecues, picnics, parties and all sorts of other fun events. Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t feel so fun the next morning. Let’s face it, the food choices we make are not always healthy. And yes, you can have fun with healthy food. The best thing is that if you can choose healthy food and healthy ingredients, you don’t need to do much with them.

02:30 Keeping ingredients simple
03:45 Choosing your dish by color
06:45 Edible flowers: where to get help understanding them
08:50 Red tomatoes, red peppers, and red beans
09:59 White fruit options
11:00 White vegetable options
14:05 Blue porridge and much more
16:00 Blue spirulina
17:30 Blue Chia pudd

Resources and links mentioned in this episode

Bright Blue Chia Pudding

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