SFS 50 – Men’s Health Month (Part 2)

This is the second part of our mini-series about men’s health. The football World Cup starts today and on Sunday is Father’s Day stayed in many countries of the world. Last week, we started this mini-series as part of men’s health awareness month and we discuss the eighth biggest health risk for men. We looked at the number one killer – heart attacks. Be sure to go back and listen to the first episode. The statistics will shock you! Today we’ll discuss finding delicious lifestyle solutions.

02:48 75 percent of men are deficient in vitamins and minerals
04:42 Six important nutrients men need to include in their daily diet
10:54 Two controversial topics in the nutrition world
11:55 How snaking can be improved
12:20 Different drink options
15:27 Nutritionist and Dads
15:52 How to propose trying something different
18:00 Getting inspiration from the farmer’s market
19:49 A Father’s Day Together
21:10 Seasonal veggie ideas

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