SFS 48 – Freekeh, Salt, Peonies and a whole lot more

It’s our monthly question and answer episode and boy do you have a lot of questions! What superfoods do I recommend to start? Which ones to eat every day? When is the best time to eat them? How many to include in your diet? Only when I know what you’re burning questions are, can I address them, so keep it up! In this episode, we’re going deep into Freekeh and much, much more.

05:28 What is Freekeh and how you can benefit by adding it to your diet
09:50 What you can’t do with Freekeh
14:00 When a superfood qualifies as a superfood
16:33 Are peonies edible?
18:20 Are snails a superfood?
19:11 Is Himalayan salt the same table salt? Is it worth the extra money?
19:53 What I would recommend is a super fruit for May and June because it’s turning into a very cold winter here in New Zealand?

Resources and links mentioned in this episode

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Superfood Daily FB group

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