SFS 45 – Superfood for a Super Mother’s Day

This is a very loving episode today because in just a few days, it will be Mother’s Day and I have some tips to share for you this year and I’m going to make it easy for you. The great thing about superfoods is they taste amazing, they look amazing, they make you feel amazing… you just can’t go wrong.

[01:47] Strawberries on both sides of the equator
[02:43] Chia pudding for plenty of energy and protein.
[03:48] Two secrets that will impress your mom
[04:58] Organically grown strawberries
[07:04] Organically grown eggs with asparagus
[08:10] A Mother’s Day picnic
[10:24] The perfect Mother’s Day gift
[11:00] Edible flowers and herbs for easy dishes
[17:10 ] How to get help and more of your questions answered

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