SFS 38 – How to Plan a Spring Superfood Garden

Ever considered optimizing your planning to create a world-class superfood garden? Then this episode is a must. Colin, the resident gardener, returns alongside Iris. Listen as they share key things you’ll need to know and prepare for when Springtime finally arrives. Hint: It may or may not be coming sooner than you think.

[01:19] Colin’s groundhog predictions
[02:50] What you need to know before starting your garden
[03:32] Planning a baby food garden
[04:28] Baby Superfoods
[07:18] The nutritional value of _______ doesn’t peak until six months
[08:39] Deciding what variety works best for nutritional value
[10:18] How to choose the right location
[10:55] How climate determines what you can grow
[13:29] Bringing beauty to your garden
[14:30] The power of slowing down and observing nutrients
[16:00] The key to achieving top quality superfoods

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