SFS 35 – Groundhog Day 2018

Today we have a very special show with a very special guest. Unfortunately he’s nowhere to be found. He was actually supposed to come last week, but he was still asleep. So please let us know on the Facebook page if you’ve seen Phil. In this episode Iris sits down Superfood Academy garden mentor, Colin Wright and Superfood Team Member, Janey. They’ll be sharing fascinating insights about Groundhog Day and what animals can teach us about preparing for the Spring.

[01:48] Who is Phil and where is he from?
[02:52] The Dutch origins of Groundhog Day
[04:39] What do The British Isles and badger have to do with Groundhog Day?
[09:20] What animals can teach us about preparing for Spring
[12:12] How weather affects the Groundhog’s logic
[13:12] How you can join the fun by predicting if the Groundhog will see his shadow
[13:40] Iris’ thoughts on planning ahead for Spring

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