SFS 032 – Good for you! Superfood Trends 2018 – Part 2

This week Iris returns with part two of the Superfood Trends in 2018 series. Tune in as she dives into the fascinating superfoods of the year and how they can help improve your health by fighting inflammation, digestion, and much much more.

[00:46] Last week’s recap of this series
[01:32] What is Moringa and how it fights inflammation
[04:19] The Maqui Berry: An alternative to Greenleaf superfruits
[06:00] Probiotic waters for more microorganisms in your gut
[07:48] Exploring Ashwagandha aka Indian Ginseng
[08:12] Why you need Tiger nut
[09:43] Understanding edible flowers
[12:00] The power of algae oils
[13:00] Kelp, the new Vitamin Sea
[14:00] Insects for proteins
[14:13] Pink pineapples are the big thing in 2018
[15:00] The return of the garden pea
[16:00] Chicory for  protecting your liver
[17:00] The Chaga mushroom for immune system support

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