SFS 029 – Grow Herbs for the Cold and Flu Season – Part 2

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of delicious superfoods and of course, that you are happy and healthy. This episode concludes our mini-series about delicious superfoods for the cold and flu season. Listen now to hear how they can help you and how you can grow them yourself.

[02:49] Why ginger needs filtered sunlight
[03:19] What type of soil is needed when growing ginger
[07:02] A critical thing when growing in cooler environments
[08:33] Taking a closer look at oregano
[09:42] What’s the ideal soil composition for Oregano
[10:46] Is Oregano the perfect companion plant
[12:37] Taking a closer look at Echinacea
[13:17]  What’s the ideal soil composition for Echinacea
[16:26]  What size pot is needed to fully develop a root system
[17:38] The importance of matching what you can grow with your environment
[19:59] What to plant if you’re living close to the equator
[20:56] What to plant if you’re  north of the equator
[22:26]  Season 2 of Superfood Secrets: Is it coming to an end
[22:52] What to expect next week
[23:51] A sneak peek of Iris’ new project

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