SFS 027 – Grow Herbs for the Cold and Flu Season – Part 1

It’s cold and flu season and we have already talked about some exciting super foods which will help you right now. But if you want to get more proactive and have something right in front of your house or windowsill, you’re in luck. Iris has invited back our superfood garden mentor to discuss what can be grown across different regions.

[2:27] A list of plants from quite cold climates to tropical that will work for you no matter where you are in the world
[03:23] What you need to know when growing garlic
[09:24] What to put in the pots in terms of a growing medium
[12:14] What you need to know when growing elderberry
[13:29] Grow this If you have a small garden and a really hot climate
[17:41] Why you should considering cooking your elderberries
[18:08] What you need to know when growing Calendula

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