SFS 026 – How to Deliciously Increase your Immunity

Today Iris shares a few secrets from her brand new program, Superfood Living. If you want to get through this cold and wet season while minimizing the demand on your body and your spirit, this episode is what the doctor ordered. Of course, we do hope that you are happy and healthy right now and even enjoying a sunny day. But if you need some support to get better or to stay fit, Iris will cover some delicious tips. These categories include the superfood living, the superfood kitchen, and the superfood garden.

[01:46] Why time management matters in the kitchen
[02:02] What percentage of takeaways and restaurants should you be consuming
[02:20] What is the superfood garden and why it matters even if you don’t grow your own superfoods
[03:07] How to support your immune system to fight colds and flu
[04:07] Why I haven’t been to a doctor in more than 20 years
[06:30] 12 superfoods for the cold and flu season
[20:15] What you can expect next week from the podcast

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