SFS 019 – The Wondrous World of Spirulina

Have you ever wondered about your friends’ claims when they put some weird green powder in their smoothies and puddings? Have you wondered even more why they get excited about blue spirulina? Maybe it’s the health benefits they keep talking about that sound too good to be true. In this episode Iris will give you the foundation you’ll need to join in the discussion.

[1:23] What is spirulina
[3:02] How spirulina got it’s name and the most striking characteristic
[5:32] How you should consume your spirulina
[7:00] The difference between spirulina and chlorella
[8:30] What is the composition of spirulina
[10:40] The top health benefits of consuming spirulina
[14:50] How the ancient Aztecs used spirulina
[16:50] Using spirulina in the kitchen
[20:30] A few things to be aware of when consuming spirulina
[23:10] Growing and harvesting spirulina
[25:00] A few interesting facts about spirulina

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