SFS 017 – Back to School

Sometimes it can be hard to break the lazy vacation mode when making the transition back to the demands of school and work. This calls for smart choices about your diet but also delicious choices. There are several different distinct categories that can help you get moving again. In this episode Iris will cover each category in detail and which superfoods you’ll want to have to prepare for the new season. Learn how to boost energy, mental clarity and protect your immune system.

[2:35] What categories to consider when planning for back to school
[3:89] The superfood that defies all categories
[5:12] Superfoods for boosting energy
[8:52] Superfoods for boosting mental clarity
[11:41] Superfoods for boosting your immune system
[19:13] How to replace bad evening snacking habits
[20:31] The calming effects of fermented foods and probiotics
[20:43] How to include multiple superfoods in your diet during times of stress

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