SFS 016 – Blackberries are Red when they’re Green

Today we’ll be discussing a superfood that’s not a very big secret at all. Blackberries grow almost everywhere and they’re ripe for picking right now in the Northern hemisphere. The blackberry is native to Europe but grows everywhere in temperate climates. It can be used medicinally as well as culinarily and can have a tremendous impact on your body and health. Tune in as Iris explores the health benefits of blackberries more deeply and how you can get started growing them in the garden or preparing exciting meals with your family in the the kitchen.

[0:59] Blackberry harvesting season has arrived in the Northern hemisphere
[2:07] What makes a Blackberry a superfood
[3:20] Which vitamins and minerals are present in blackberries and their effects on the body
[4:40] How your whole family can benefit from eating blackberries
[6:09] How blueberries impact digestion
[7:15] The positive aspects of blackberries for your skin, allergies and weight loss
[9:00] Why blackberries are a great snacking choice for pregnant women
[12:00] How to grow your own blackberries
[15:46] Your biggest competition when growing blackberries will the this…
[18:19] What can you do with blackberries in the kitchen

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