SFS 014 – Q&A: Traveling with Superfoods – Part 2

A few weeks ago we released an episode on traveling with superfoods. A flood of emails immediately came with listeners asking more questions on how to prep for their upcoming family vacations. So Iris decided to do a second edition to get your questions answered. If you’re traveling by air or bike, you’ll want to refer back to part one. If you’re planning to hit the road with the kiddos in the car, this is an episode that you don’t want to miss.

[1:38] Your superfood options when traveling by car
[3:35] Super spices: the best way to add flavor on the go
[5:17] Using fresh herbs and flowers at your destination
[6:00] The “list trick” for moms who wants to get the kids involved
[7:31] How to incorporate a voting process and rating system
[8:44] Why you should plan the first day
[9:12] Iris’ favorite superfoods while traveling
[13:31] Pack these items if you’re just getting started
[15:48] These always make the most boring meal interesting
[17:00] The most important tip of them all

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