SFS 012 – Bright Blue Food & Drinks – The Healthy Way

When hosting a party often we’re stressed before the party begins. We want to make sure our guest enjoy the event and we’re in a hurry to get things done with limited time. But making food delicious shouldn’t be a big effort, it should be fun. In this episode Iris returns back to the farm. And she’ll be sharing a delightful superfood that’s easy make and a lot of fun for everyone to enjoy. Get ready to wow your guests and be the talk of the town.

[2:38] – What are blue pea flowers and why they’re so useful
[5:21] – Why are blue pea flowers considered a superfood
[8:00] – Are all parts of the flower edible?
[8:40] – The easiest way to use the blue pea flower
[9:30] – Iris’ favorite party tricks when hosting guests
[13:33] – Where to shop for blue pea flowers if you can’t grow them
[14:39] – The biggest reason to try blue pea flowers in your garden
[15:50] – It takes about ______ days for the seeds to germinate
[16:20] – How to care for blue pea flowers in the garden
[18:00] – How blue pea flowers are used to regenerate soil

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