SFS 011 – Q&A: Traveling with Superfoods – Part 1

With the Summer in full swing families are traveling about. Many of the listeners have asked how to stay healthy while traveling on the road. While it’s difficult to maintain it’s not impossible with the proper planning. So in today’s episode Iris will share her secrets on how to keep your superfoods fresh when faced with flight delays and cross country road trips.

[2:00] The importance of maintaining hydration
[2:42] Superfood dried powder and probiotics
[4:34] How to travel with fresh foods
[6:30] What are Bento boxes and how they come in handy when traveling
[7:40] How to pack and plan for long big trips
[9:00] The importance of talking to locals
[10:02] Going wild and collecting edible herbs and flowers
[11:35] What to do if you don’t have a stove to cook
[13:40] Planning meals together as a family

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