SFS 009 – Beautiful Food: Edible Flowers

Over the centuries our ancestors shared a deep connection with flowers. They understood the energy and healing power of flowers. It’s not uncommon to find edible flowers today. They appear in trendy restaurants, upmarket hotels and dinner parties. Now edible flowers have officially moved into the mainstream. But people have asked the questions, “where can I find edible flowers?” or “what are the best edible flowers”. So, in this episode of superfood secrets Iris will answer all of these questions and much more.

[1:00] How edible flowers have emerged back into the mainstream
[2:37] What are edible flowers
[3:18] Which flowers in the garden are edible
[4:20] A quick way to identify which garden flowers are edible by family
[5:30] Edible herbs and vegetables
[7:05] Fruit flowers and blossoms from the trees
[8:37] Examples of edible wild flowers
[9:17] Why go through the trouble of picking your own wild flowers
[10:30] A guide to edible flowers tastes
[12:44] What to do if you’re not sure which flowers
[13:18] A guide to edible flower smells
[14:08] The healing powers and energy of flowers
[15:41] 5 steps to finding your own flowers
[20:24] Iris’ favorite edible flower recipes

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