SFS 005 – Asparagus: The Last Seasonal Food

On this episode of Superfood Secrets, Iris explains seasonal foods. Seasonal food is fresh, vibrant, and it connects us with nature. Nowadays, every type of food seems to be available in the supermarkets all year round. Plants and fruits like apples and cucumbers are seasonal, but look shiny on supermarket shelves every single day of the year. Can you remember the best season for each fresh food? On this episode, you’ll learn all of that and more about asparagus.

What you will learn in this episode:

[1:46] – How to know if a food is in season or not
[2:09] – Benefits of growing food yourself
[4:07] – What an asparagus is
[7:16] – What happens when an asparagus is not harvested and eaten
[7:28] – How asparagus behaves in different seasons
[8:26] – Parts of an asparagus you should NEVER eat
[8:35] – The different varieties of asparagus
[11:15] – What makes asparagus a superfood
[17:43] – What to do with the asparagus in the kitchen
[18:48] – When it’s best to eat the asparagus after harvesting
[19:25] – How to prepare and serve the asparagus
[21:21] – How to best freeze and dehydrate asparagus
[23:05] – What it means to grow your own asparagus and techniques for getting started weather conditions and how to get started

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