SFS 004 – Putting The Super Into Superfoods

Today Iris Huebler is addressing the question she is asked most often: what actually is a superfood? To answer this question it is important to talk about the growing of food. Most superfood definitions ignore this fact, which leads to a lot of confusion on this topic. Therefore in today’s episode there is a very special guest, a gardener with more than 50 years experience. Colin Walker is a designer, researcher, teacher and advisor and he has chosen to reframe the question into ‘putting the super into superfoods.” He is here today to share his knowledge, skills and experience, to give you the advice you are looking for when it comes to growing superfoods.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What the super part of superfoods means
  • Why the amount of super in the superfoods depends on how they’re grow
  • What you can do to grow nutrient-rich superfoods
  • The importance of working with the whole ecology of any place you are growing food and adapting for your specific situation
  • The impact of genetics on the super in superfoods
  • The difference between open-pollinated varieties and hybrids
  • The impact using open-pollinated vs. hybrid varieties has on the amount of nutrients available in the superfoods
  • Growing methods you can use to guarantee that you’re putting the super into your superfoods
  • The need to work with a biological approach
  • Why you must give a plant the right environment to grow
  • Why soil type is actually secondary to soil structure
  • What makes a good compost and its role in the garden

Colin says in today’s world it has become a luxury for people to have access to the time or space to grow their own food. He encourages anyone who is seriously concerned about getting the best possible food for their health to explore ways of growing at least some of their own food. If you have the will, and a bit of creative thought, there is always a way.

Other information and links mentioned in this episode:

  • “Superfood of the week” video about sweet corn on the Facebook page
  • Simple presentation on soil structure

Did you enjoy this episode? Would you like more superfood tips while on the go?