SFS 003 – Harmony on Your Plate

In today’s episode of Superfood Secrets, Iris covers some frequently asked questions regarding the taste of superfoods and how to balance the flavors in your superfood dishes. The questions come from listeners all over the world, and they are also common questions that Iris gets in her work with clients. She explains why you don’t need to be a chef to create delicious meals, and how the quality of the ingredients you use makes a difference to the final dish. So in today’s episode you will find out the answers to the questions that have been on the top of your mind while learning to buy and cook with amazing superfoods.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why superfoods can taste very strong, and how to use them so you don’t have to ‘get over’ the taste
  • Options for creating fast, healthy and simple meals (no chef skills required!)
  • Flavor balancing using the four basics: sweet, salty, bitter and sour/acid
  • What to do if the flavors of your dishes are out of balance
  • How to avoid wasting food by thinking about the balance of a whole meal
  • Why quality of ingredients matters more than quantity for creating balanced flavors
  • How to make homemade vinegar
  • The difference between coconut sugar and simple brown sugar

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