SFS 001 – Wow! Cacao

Today Iris is talking about something truly spectacular and something you probably deeply love: chocolate. Yes, chocolate lovers around the world, you’ve heard right: chocolate is a superfood. So no more guilt! If you feel like chocolate, there is a reason for it and you’re welcome to enjoy it. However, you’re not allowed to eat just any chocolate or scoff down 5 bars at once. Chocolate can give amazing health benefits for the entire family (except the doggy!). Chocolate can be healthy, it’s not just a snack or afterthought. Include it in your life and check out the recipes at superfoodacademy.com/recipes. There are endless options for using it in the kitchen and it has a mighty impact on your health, so let’s eat more chocolate!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What chocolate really is and how it’s made
  • All about the main ingredient, raw cacao
  • The difference between cacao and cocoa
  • The nutrients and health benefits of the superfood cacao
  • How to include more chocolate into your life (including at breakfast!)
  • Why chocolate is definitely not a treat for dogs
  • Why you should approach your chocolate consumption with a trial and error perspective and listen to your body
  • The impact of cacao around the world

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