Beth Lindley

Corporate (& Personal) Wellness Coach, Washington, USA

Iris is a shining example of someone who cured herself of minor illnesses, while literally taking back her husband’s health with a spade in one hand and a gardening book in the other. Her extensive knowledge of superfoods, deep appreciation of all things natural and exotic, and her genuine desire and ability to gently but steadily lead and inspire others to achieve vibrant health by growing and sourcing their own superfoods make her THE perfect person to co-author and co-teach Blossom.
I personally have participated in her 21-Day Superfood Experience and have been privy to some of her behind-the-scenes preparation for Blossom, and I cannot wait to take it myself! Iris has the canning ability to take the fascinating, but little-understood world of superfoods and make it easy, delicious, and enjoyable! If you’re looking to grow, identify and source your own stunning superfoods with health benefits and to grow yourself in new, exciting and welcome ways under the tutelage of someone who cares then Iris is your expert gal.


Kay Jemison

Dallas, TX USA

First, I would like to thank you for offering this challenge. Three years ago, I, somehow, found information on eating raw foods for health. I was trying so desperately to find a way to lose weight and be free of the ever-increasing weight gain I was experiencing. I started out with green smoothies and quickly made that a habit. Then progressed into raw foods and spent a full year of eating only raw foods. Much to my dismay, the weight loss never started! However, the weight gain stopped! I really couldn’t figure it out! My blood work looked great…Cholesterol normal for once, my Triglycerides normal for the first time in my adult life…everything great, except for my weight!!! During this time, I purchased several Raw Food Diet Plans that were sure to boost weight loss! But, it never happened!!! Discouraged, I slowly went back to the SAD, only keeping the smoothies as part of my daily regimen. But, the weight gain started again. When you came out with the 21-day Superfood Challenge, I decided that just maybe it would help me! It proved to be just the “push” I needed to get restarted! And, I even lost a couple of pounds during that challenge!!! Afterwards, I became active again at finding raw recipes that I could eat. It has been slow, but I’ve managed to lose a little more weight!!! I don’t know if it is the addition of the superfoods, or what…but I’m not going to complain about it!

I loved ALL of the breakfasts for which you provided the recipes. I have still been going back to those. I think my favorite of all the recipes was the salad with the lemon dressing. I’ve always loved lemons and I think anything with lemon in it is terrific! That dressing proved to be right in line with my likes! And, the breakfasts that had lemon were among my favorites as well. I think these recipes you provided to us will always be my favorites, as they are the ones that really got me on the right track! I greatly appreciated your interaction through the whole experience.

I apologize for this not being a “short” testimonial! It is a little difficult to tell my story in just a few words! :~) Thanks again, Iris, for all your help! You ROCK!!!


Shirley Mills

Auckland, New Zealand

This mini course is brilliant - practical, easy to follow with information that is helpful and inspiring for the average gardener, food lover and cook! I loved learning about wild herbs - things I can go and pick from my lawn - and how to use them. It unravelled mysterys about many 'super-foods' and made me want to try more - growing and eating. Iris got it just right - not overwhelming us with too much information, but enough to take in and put to use, plus tips, advice, recipes and encouragement. Great - for beginners and more experienced. Totally recommended:)

Have a great day Iris, thanks for the time and effort and professional way in which you put this together!


Joanna Piekarski

Organic Gardener, New Zealand

I’ve known Iris as a gardener for many years and followed her work helping others learn about gardening, plants and delicious, nutritious ways to use them in the kitchen, starting when we were both involved with the Community Gardens in Takaka, New Zealand, where one of her roles was to create a monthly newsletter with seasonal information about plants and their uses, how to grow them and plant-based cuisine. Since then, I’ve kept up with her informative ebooks and ezines and the articles on her website to take advantage of the knowledge and skills she shares with enthusiasm from her comprehensive experience, both research-based and hands-on, in the food-plant and raw food worlds. .I’ve also had the pleasure of visiting her extensive, diverse gardens, just bursting with innumerable robust and productive plants and trees of all sorts, from which she and her husband feed themselves abundantly year-round.

Iris is also highly skilled at intricate creative arts that require a keen aesthetic sense to craft objects of real beauty. She brings this artistic flair to gardening and food preparation as well. She’s also a lovely person, the perfect guide and tutor for anyone wanting to increase their understanding and expertise with growing and using edible plants for enjoyment, nutrition and health.


Phyllis Heffner

Woodbine, Maryland, USA

I found the course to be very informative, particularly learning about various new foods that have great nutritional value. I especially found the wild and exotic foods to be interesting and many were new to me. Unfortunately I was unable to use the recipes at this time due to my health situation (I am on a very restricted diet), but hope to be able to use them in the future as my health improves. This information will also be of great use professionally as I counsel my patients regarding healthy nutrition to improve their mental and physical health.


Sarmado Sibley

Personal Chef, Wells, Somerset

The eBook “Grow Your Own Superfoods – Getting Started” is absolutely fantastic. It’s the best eBook I have seen! Well researched, thorough, great layout, informative and gives the reader inspiration to get started. I’m going to be sharing this with clients… well done.


Steph Jackson

The Gut Whisperer, Pender Island, Canada

Before starting to grow anything on my property I met with Iris and had a VIP day both for my business and my garden. Iris had some very fun and also practical activities for me to get clear on what would make the most sense for me to grow both personally and financially. She helped me to map out where would make the most sense to grow different types of plants both based on my lifestyle and permaculture principles. Finally she developed a month-by-month garden plan that fit my lifestyle and a business plan to ensure my property would be productive enough to support me in time. Thank you Iris, I’m so grateful for my time with you!!