Pomegranate Salad/Coleslaw

This glistening salad is great any time of year. It glows in winter, it’s cooling in summer, and it sparkles for all your celebrations. It can be made well in advance.


SF = superfood ingredient


Finely shred the cabbage, kale and red cabbage leaves.

In a blender, mix the oil, vinegar, date, pepper and your choice of salt to make a marinade.

Cut the apple into matchsticks and the spring onions into small rings.

Toss everything together in a nice bowl and let marinate for at least 30 minutes.


You can substitute celery for the apple.

If you want more sweetness, add some raisins to the salad bowl.

You can partly or completely replace the cabbage with wild greens and salad leaves (see photo) but depending on the greens, you’ll need to shorten the marinating time and the salad might not keep as well.