Back to School – Superfood tips for kids and moms

It can be a considerable challenge, in today’s world of stunning ads, flashy packaged foods and “old-fashioned peer pressure” from other kids to get YOUR children to eat a healthy diet.

In order to meet the nutrition needs of kids, the diet should provide a steady supply of the building blocks that are required for healthy growth, mental performance and emotional strength. At the same time, young bodies need special protection against toxins and environmental challenges that are bigger than ever before.

Superfoods can simplify meeting all these needs.

Very often, school snacks and lunches lack the best nutrition (particularly snacks out of the vending machines!). As a parent, you can counter this inadequacy by sending kids to school with foods you have prepared and packed for them.

I admit that you have to come up with a plan how to find time in your own busy schedule to pack healthy lunches and then also to get the kids to actually eat them. Getting the kids involved helps with both and I have shared more tips in this podcast

Another trick is to make breakfast a big meal, loaded with superfoods that will sustain them for a long time. Try including chia or hemp seeds in your typical breakfasts as a great first step.

Start early in your child’s life serving them fruits and vegetables so that they’ll be accustomed to eating them as they mature. Teach them to eat a wide variety of different coloured foods. Talk about the super physical and/or mental powers they’ll get from eating superfoods. And I have recently discovered that discussing what their favourite animals and dinosaurs eat might actually convince them more than any other strategy. 3 year old Steve, the sun of one of my private clients is now eating lots of carrots because he wants to have a great eyesight just like tigers. He doesn’t care that it’s good for his immune system, too – but his mum cares.

Involve the kids in creating menus, shopping, and cooking foods as much as possible according to their age. Try introducing a new fruit, vegetable, or grain each week.

Give kids as much choice as possible and don’t force anything. You will need to be patient, repeatedly suggesting a food many times before they’ll give it a try. Serve sensible portions and let the kids stop eating when they naturally feel full.

Meanwhile, parents need nurturing as well! Back to school stresses and adapting to new routines require extra fortification.

This might be a good time to be sure you’re including some spirulina in your smoothies, for added protein and protections. Maca root powder mixed into smoothies or oatmeal will give increased energy and endurance. Goji berries also build strength; and mushrooms like shitake and reishi are super immune system supporters.

Make sure you’re a match for the potential stresses of back to school transitions by strengthening your health and immunity. That way, with your support, the kids as well will succeed in their new ventures.

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