About Iris Huebler

Iris Huebler is the founder and owner of the Superfood Academy, a community dedicated to educating, leading and inspiring you to achieve optimal health by growing, sourcing and preparing your own superfoods.

Iris’s strong belief in the health benefits of raw foods and superfoods is evident in all her teaching programs, which helps beginners through to advanced natural food lovers create fast, simple and tasty meals sourced from their own gardens, local growers and collected in the local fields and forests.

For the past 25 years, Iris has used her knowledge to teach others and grow her own organic superfoods on her nine-hectare (22 acres) lifestyle block in Golden Bay, New Zealand, along with 80 chickens, ducks, and geese.

But it wasn’t always like that.

Despite all the fresh air, clean water, a specialised raw food kitchen with a food dehydrator and natural, healthy organic produce disaster struck.

Although Iris and Rainer had been eating mainly organic, home grown and raw food for over 20 years and thought they were living healthy. But this was not the case.

Rainer had a heart attack at 51.

It was this single incident that was the turning point for Iris. Although Iris and Rainer had studied and experimented with raw food diets for many years, just like others, they didn’t implement everything they’d learned… neither in the garden nor the kitchen.

Instead, Iris focused on teaching others the skills and knowledge, while applying only the basics at home. And because Iris travelled so much for her business, this meant Rainer was left home alone taking care of a large farm.

In the ICU Iris brought her library of information to research what foods would cure Rainer, without having to rely on taking a handful of pills for the rest of his life.

Instead of following the doctor’s prescription of six pills a day for the rest of his life, they decided to give raw food a serious shot, with Iris deciding to stop travelling to dedicate time to implement all she’d learned.

She quickly jumped into absorbing herself in new crops, rotations and what nutrients the soil needed, as well as adjusted their garden from potatoes and other vegetables to a garden compatible with a raw food diet.

It was then Iris experienced first-hand what she had been teaching… the full effect of truly nutrient-rich food on the body’s health and the results of the right decisions at the right time in the garden as well as the kitchen.

It took an entire year investigating the best foods, soil nutrients, and plant rotations to grow the fastest, easiest and practical raw food and superfood garden. It was during this year they saw the dramatic benefits of raw foods and superfoods on their own health as well as the garden.

Rainer became healthier without heart surgery and stopped medication within a few weeks. And by changing their complete diet Iris was pleasantly surprised to find she was cured of minor illnesses women over 40 just accept.

Once people around them noticed the changes and started asking how this happened Iris knew she had to share with others the information about food, nutrients and the best way to grow the right food.

Now seven years later both Rainer and Iris are feeling healthier than ever before. And not only that, Iris now feels healthy, vital and energetic and hasn’t seen a doctor in 22 years.

Iris complements her unique practical experience with her study and research of organic vegetable seed production at Massey University, New Zealand. As well as her participation in Government funded Organic Seed research projects and co-developing the Planet Organic New Zealand Permaculture course.

To this day Iris continues to grow her comprehensive knowledge in superfoods by attending organic conferences and has recently completed the Essentials of Superfoods course at the prestigious Matthew Kenney Academy, United States, who is the world’s leading plant-based chef.

Iris is passionate about educating and leading people to achieve optimal health by growing and sourcing their own superfoods because she simply loves food. The abundance of food in gardens and markets inspires Iris to create exciting meals to share with others.

Iris is dedicated to improving the health of people and the planet with food that is fun, delicious, and easy to prepare.

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