A Year Full Of Edible Flowers

Blossom Growing Week 2 Bonus

You can grow, pick and eat edible flowers every month of the year. There are many to choose from – this BIG overview is just a start:

Of course the variety depends on your local climate. If you have a strong, cold winters with lots of snow it’s amazing how the violets, pansies, cowslips and other edible early spring flowers poke through to tell you that a new season has started. Until it happens you’ll have to rely on dried, frozen and candied flowers from the previous year. So make the most of peak seasons for each flower and secure your winter stash like a squirrel would do.

To get you started here is a plant and harvest calendar for 15 very common edible flowers. It’s from one of my online courses:

Blossom Growing Week 4 Bonus

And if you can’t find the flower you’re looking for, here are some examples how you can substitute them for a flower with a similar taste:

For more information on edible flowers check out the podcast – episode 9 on www.SuperfoodAcademy.com/iTunes and feel free to ask questions in the comments section on that page.