Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Superfoods Begins Here...

The Superfood Academy was created to educate and inspire you to increase your energy, health, and vitality with the best food sources… as well as to give you the tips, tools, and techniques you need to grow these foods successfully. Whether you’re interested in growing food for your own personal pleasure and health goals, or you have a business where you want to supply your customers with the best quality produce, then you’ve come to the right place.

Why Superfoods?

Superfoods are highly concentrated in vitamins, minerals and many nutrients, such as antioxidants, healthy fats, fibre, and phytochemicals and provide more than a dozen unique beneficial properties.

15 Reasons Why You Should Consider Growing Your Own Superfoods…

  1. You’ll be growing guilt-free food that tastes great, connects the family and gives you the energy you need to juggle family life and a demanding job
  2. Superfoods are beaming with energy and life force, so you can give your kids all the nutrition they need for optimum development
  3. You can trust how it’s grown
  4. You’ll be able to replicate the restaurant and vacation meals with growing hard-to-find foods like edible flowers and more exotic herbs
  5. No more waste. Grow your own superfoods and save money, time and be healthier
  6. You can stop worrying about food miles and other environmental and social impacts of “normal” food shopping
  7. A garden would give an opportunity to educate your children about the natural world and protecting the environment. You can show where food comes from and how to prepare meals from scratch
  8. You’ll have clear strategies for the “crazy days”, so you can magically put amazing food on the table without using the microwave
  9. You’ll reduce food waste
  10. Gives you food options that are enjoyable, tasty and help you feel and look good
  11. Prevents serious illness for yourself, your family and your friends by reducing the risk of chronic disease
  12. Be part of a community that understands and is enthusiastic about growing superfoods
  13. Superfoods are delicious, energy-building, affordable and low-calorie
  14. Easy to digest
  15. Get increased energy, improved brain function and healthy weight loss while getting nutrients

Why People Are Giving Rave Reviews


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Imagine eating nutritious and tasty food from your garden that gives you and your family increased energy, improved brain function and healthy weight loss… while giving you the nutrients you need.

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Imagine Your Own Beautiful, Abundant, Nutritious Garden Providing Healthy Food For You and Your Family All Year Long

Do you know what foods are best for you and your family… gluten free, paleo, vegetarian, organic, low-fat, protein only?

And what about if you want to grow your own? How do you know where to start? And how much time and effort it will take before you can eat from your garden?

Here’s the good news…

Our blog gives you the latest information on the benefits of the genius superfoods, up to date research information about those confusing food myths and gives you everything you want to know about growing your own superfoods.

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Everything we do at Superfood Academy is based on our passion for educating you on the health benefits of superfoods, and for dispelling the confusing myths surrounding various foods types and diets.

And it’s no secret that growing your own food is the healthiest and most economical way to eat.

Listen to our Podcasts to learn from our decades of experience in studying, researching and growing our own food, so you can create an abundant garden to supply you and your family with fresh, delicious and nutritious food.