Your Choice Raw Chocolate

Making your own chocolate is surprisingly easy and so rewarding. With this recipe you can be eating your own creations within just 15 minutes – including the inevitable cleaning up. Yes, it can give the kitchen turn brown. Therefore I like to make it outdoors in summer.

There are so many taste combinations possible that it’s a fun activity for the whole family where everyone can create their own.

This recipe gives you about 10-20 individual chocolate, depending on the moulds you choose.


Flavour Options


Slowly melt the cacao butter in the dehydrator or in a water bath to keep the heat below 400C (1050F) and whisk in the remaining ingredients. Pour into chocolate moulds. If you don’t have any chocolate mould, ice cube trays are perfect or pour into a shallow dish and later break it into pieces. Place in a fridge or cold place until firm – and enjoy.

If you melt the cacao butter at a higher temperature it will still taste great, it’s just not classified as raw anymore. But make sure you don’t burn it.