Who is right?

I have just returned from my last tour to the USA and Australia and the questions I get asked most often are: What to believe? Who is right? What really is a superfood? Isn’t it all just marketing hype when it comes to superfoods?

There is surely plenty of marketing hype and mixed messages and often I have to laugh out loud when I read the latest research findings and sometimes it is not so funny.

So how to distinguish between messages written for the financial benefit of someone else, between very well-meaning advice from health professionals, online experts and even friends that might have worked for them but not necessarily for you and advice that could really benefit YOU?

I believe the first acknowledgement is that we are all different, our situations and environments are different and the food we are producing or buying is different. So how can we expect a one size fits all answer? As a trainer I have to admit I’m very often torn between wanting to make it as easy as possible for my students and clients and finding the best solution for them, which does involve a bit of detective work.

Rather than letting this sound like yet another stressful job to squeeze into already overfilled, super busy days, I like to turn it into a game. And who doesn’t like playing?

There are two options, you can either search for the information yourself or I can help you with my free offers, online courses and private agreements. If you want to know more email me at Iris@SuperfoodAcademy.com.

And we might even meet in my upcoming live talks and workshops in Singapore, Germany and USA in August – October 2018.

Whatever your choice, things to explore:

  • How does your body work – from your taste buds to the very other end? Understanding more about the human body in principle and what happens in yours particularly will help you a long way in choosing what to eat, when and how much.
  • How does the super get into the superfood? In other words what does the gardener need to know to really grow a superfood that lives up to its potential? And what questions do consumers need to ask their suppliers.
  • Listen to the podcasts where our Superfood Academy Garden Mentor Colin and I have discussed the first steps.
  • What can you do in the shops and at home to make sure you get the best nutrition out of the food you buy or harvest.

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