Traveling for Superfoodies

Holidays are a wonderful time but can sometimes be challenging if you want to continue eating super healthy food.

On one hand I always tell my clients that what you eat regularly is more important for your health than what you eat one time during your holiday. And for sure enjoying the food also has a big impact on how your body is reacting to the food, no matter how many nutrients are in the meal.

On the other hand traveling to another environment with a different climate, different people and different food can put a bit of stress on your body. A change in habits, possibly time zone changes and other factors can also lead to your body needing more support rather than less.

Below are some tips depending on how far you travel and what vehicle you choose (plane, bus, car, train, bike). You can also listen to my free podcast show #11 for additional superfood travel tips. You can directly go here, and on this page you can also subscribe to the show, so that you get weekly superfood updates on all topics related to choosing, growing and eating superfoods. Rate and review the show, so that we know how much the podcast is helping you on your superfood journey. Of course you can also leave questions there This show is for you and we now have 3 member podcast team to answer your questions either on a future podcast, our weekly emails or our Facebook group.

Tips for traveling by plane

  • Take freeze-dried superfood powders with you – the one time when dried food is better than fresh – there are now plenty of choices both for super greens and super fruit
  • On long haul flights you can “go the extra mile” and make yourself a probiotic drink/meal when you board the plane. It’ll be ready when the people sitting next to you are eating uninspiring breakfast out of a plastic box. It takes a bit of preparation but everyone around you will envy you!
    You need a thermos, a fat source like avocado or coconut cream, a baked sweet potato – and ask the stewardess for a cup of hot water.
  • Coconut water can now be bought in powder form, so that you can take it on a plane and mix with the water that the stewardess can provide. Don’t ask me how they make the powder – blows my mind how to get a liquid into a powder – but it tastes great and surely is healthier than the standard beverages offered on planes.
  • You can take fresh food like bananas, apples avocadoes but keep them in sturdy containers and only take as much as you can comfortably eat on the plane if you are entering a country like USA, Australia and New Zealand where you can’t bring any fresh food.
  • Buy a plastic container with different compartments like a bento box to take a variety of food in one container (see photo)

Tips for traveling by bike

  • Research shopping options, particularly farmer’s markets before you travel
  • Ask other travelers what treasures they have discovered
  • Go wild – with a bike you can stop wherever you want to gather herbs and edible flowers and seaweed at beach

Tips for traveling by car

  • Remember MOM wants a nice holiday, too – so plan and prepare as much as possible so that there is little cooking time needed during the holiday
  • Taking a good knife and cutting board is always a good idea and helps to make it more interesting if you have limited food choices -, you can cut them into different shapes (e.g. large dice, small dice, irregular – let the kids decide and help
  • Involve the whole family in the decision making and the cooking
  • Make your own chocolate in the evening – that’s as much fun as melting marshmallows and a lot healthier
    You can find a recipe here: Your Choice Raw Chocolate
  • Take vegetables that keep without refridgeration: cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, beetroot

Enjoy your travels and enjoy your superfood journey.