Soil Structure

A Key to Putting the Super into Superfoods:  Soil Structure

When we want to grow our own superfoods, we need to bring together several different aspects of growing that collectively will guarantee our success.  One of the “keys”is what is happening in the soil, particularly the “living soil” element – all the bacteria, protists, nematodes, fungi, worms and insects.

We need to provide the best possible environment for this soil life so that it can make its full contribution to a biologically-based growing system, which is the only efficient, enduring system for producing nutrient-rich superfoods.

The soil life needs a home whereitnot only can live, but also thrive. Allsoil life needs healthy amounts of air, water and food, and for the elements of air & water, this is only possible with a quality soil structure.

Also, we need to provide an environment in which the roots of plants can reach their full potential, so that the plants we are growing can thrive as well. Again, soil structure is critical to this.

To follow is a simple presentation giving you a basic understanding of soil structure and what you need toaim for to achieve a quality soil structure.

With this basic understanding, you will realise there is tremendous variation in soil structures, so the next step is to learn how to assess the existing soil structure in your garden or containers.

If you are lucky enough to have a quality soil structure,all you need to do is care for it and make sure you do not damage it, as it is an incredibly important asset to have.

However, most soils have a soil structure that is less than ideal, and in many situations can be very poor. With an understanding of what you are wanting to achieve and with a good assessment of your existing soil structure, you can thendecide on the actions needed to improve it.

Again, there are a variety of possible solutions in most situations, so depending on a range of factors including: how fast you want to make progress, what resources you can access easily, how much time you have, etc.,you can decide onthe approach to take that will work best for you.

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