SFS 53 – Super Spices against Inflammation

We definitely have a very spicy topic today and I’ve invited and very special guest! Today’s interview with Shivani Gupta a renowned expert on super Ayurvedic spices and inflammation. Today you’ll learn how to apply simple techniques to your daily life to get your energy and focus back that you crave, prevent stress, and some incredible super spices that support your body to prevent disease and support us to have that brain function.

03:01 Principles of the West vs. East
04:42 What is Ayurveda?
06:35 How to get started with Ayurveda?
09:36 Hemp hearts as a superfood
10:47 An introduction to super spices
11:00 Curcumin reduce inflammation
13:35 How and when to consume Turmeric?
16:19 The benefits of Ashwagandha
20:19 Shivani’s favorite recipes
24:17 Traveling with superfoods
25:27 What is Gymnema Sylvestre?
31:46 The job of herbs in the body
33:12 Knowing your dosha
35:22 Morning self-care practices
35:58 How to work directly with Shivani?

Resources and links mentioned in this episode
Happy Energy Yogurt
Shivani’s website
21-Day Challenge

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