SFS 49 – Men’s Health Month (Part 1)

Today we’re starting a special mini-series on keeping fathers in the family healthy. This makes total sense because it is also Father’s Day on the 17th of June, not in every country but in many countries. So we’ll check out some delicious healthy options for Father’s Day in the second part of the mini-series. We’ll also see that one of the top eight health problems facing men starts rising in June and peaks midsummer. And that is what the whole goal of this awareness raising campaign of men’s health month is about. Highlighting the many serious family destroying health problems which can arise and be prevented.

03:50 – The top eight health problems of men and how to detect them early
07:40 – The second biggest problem affecting men
08:59 – The third biggest problem affecting men
10:00 – June is the biggest issue during summer for injuries and accidents
11:23 – The first sign of diabetes
11:25 – Decreasing your chances of getting skin cancer
12:34 – How liver disease is linked to diet
13:10 – What does early detection mean and questions to ask yourself
14:53 – What proportion of your diet should be fruits and veggies?
16:00 – Investing in organic and whole foods vs. the doctor’s office
17:05 – 12 superfoods for a healthy heart

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