SFS 47 – The Other Mediterranean Diet

Today is the second part in our mini-series on superfoods from the Middle East and the Middle Eastern Diet. We’re not only talking about that, but we are also talking about the Mediterranean Diet. So let’s start with this exploring the Mediterranean diet and why the Middle Eastern Diet is sometimes called the other Mediterranean Diet. We’ll also explore both of them and what you can learn by including them in your diet so that you have fun enjoying healthy food.

01:48 Why is the Mediterranean Diet so healthy?
03:00 Fresh food, locally grown and specialized
04:13 Going beyond Italy, Spain, and Greece
06:44 You’re probably eating Middle Eastern food on a daily basis
09:07 Typical foods from this region include…
13:58 Three nuts that are typical from this region include…
15:44 The oldest oilseed crop we have on this planet
17:02 A list of typical spice mixes found in Mediterranean cuisine
20:08 How to totally transform your dish and explore something new

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Middle Eastern Spice Mixes

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