SFS 46 – Cleansing with Middle Eastern Superfoods

What I love most about food is that it connects us. It certainly connects us to nature. It connects us with the grower. It connects us with the suppliers. And finally, it connects us to all our ancestors. They investigated lots of different foods and collected them for centuries. They multiplied and developed them and admittedly, sometimes they also overdeveloped them. No matter what your religion is or what the politics are in your country, food connects us all. And that’s why I chose one very interesting region to talk about on today’s episode, The Middle East.

[05:01] What is Ramadan?
[07:10] Examples of intermittent fasting
[08:16] Practicing Ramadan
[10:41] How your lifestyle affects your fast
[14:09] Fasting rules and ritual that apply to everyone
[15:50] The Middle Eastern body cleanse starter guide
[24:16] What’s coming up next week

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