SFS 34 – Super Bowl Sunday

110 million people will be watching one of the biggest sporting events next Sunday. Many people know it’s one of the biggest events of the year. But few will know it’s the second biggest food consumption day after Thanksgiving. In this episode, Iris shares how you can put the “superfood fun” to your Super Bowl festivities during every quarter of The Big Game.

[04:23] The most popular superfood during the Super Bowl
[05:00] The second most popular superfood during the Super Bowl
[06:00] Go Green, Go Blue, Go Chia!
[07:00] Mexican Chocolate Soup
[08:25] Coconut Almond Poached Chicken
[11:00] Going beyond the Potato Chip
[12:50] Holy Guacamole!
[15:00] Homemade Ice Cream

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