SFS 33 – Superfood Trends 2018 Part 3 of 3 – What to do with them?

Welcome to the third and final part in our series on Superfood Trends for 2018. Over the past two weeks, Iris has covered 18 delicious and nutritious superfoods from around the world that will either emerge as a new trend or continue along the path of superfood fame. In this episode, Iris will cover how to of incorporating these superfoods into your meals.

[01:12] What you missed in Part 1 of Superfood Trends for 2018
[03:00] The rise of Maqui Berry
[04:17] An update on pink pineapple
[07:00] Watermelon seeds get super
[08:32] A few thoughts on Hemp seeds
[11:10] Exploring Chicory and Chaga Mushrooms
[14:40] Probiotic waters
[16:20] The good old humble green pea
[18:00] Ashwagandha as a stress reducer
[21:00] Moringa as a substitute for greens
[22:00] Nut oils for desserts, cheesecakes, and salad dressing
[23:00] Algae oils from natural plants
[25:00] Insects in baking or as a salad topping
[26:00] What to keep in mind when considering edible flowers

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