SFS 44 – National Asparagus Month

Welcome to a new season of Super Secrets! We’re officially in Season 4 and it’s a fantastic season because if you live north of the equator, it’s late spring right now and going into early summer. A wonderful time with lots of food and fun. The strawberries, the cherries and the fresh herbs, the edible flowers are all coming back. If you live south of the equator, it’s late autumn right now and I know that very well because I’m in New Zealand at the moment. It’s raining cats and dogs and it’s cold, so we’re going into winter soon, but nevertheless, the season is beautiful. We have an abundance of crops at the moment and I’m spending most of my time in the kitchen trying to deal with all of this.

In this episode of the new season, I’ll be sharing some amazing projects that I’m rolling out, what you can expect from the podcast and much more. We’ll also take a deeper look at asparagus, what it’s loved by everyone from the gardener to the high-end chef and the top five benefits it has on your health.

[02:50] What to expect for Season 4 of Superfood Secrets
[04:57] The new Superfood Daily facebook group & National and International Food Celebrations
[07:16] National Asparagus month
[08:34] Why your body loves asparagus, why the gardeners love asparagus, and why the chefs at high-end restaurant love it too
[09:28] The five benefits of asparagus
[12:28] The three reasons why gardeners love asparagus
[15:55] Why the cooks and chefs love asparagus
[22:43] Asparagus has been cultivated for more than ________ years.
[25:00] How to get more superfood inspiration and recipes

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