SFS 031 – Superfood Trends 2018 – Part 1

It’s time to kick off a New Year and a brand new season of  Superfoods Secrets! We’ve officially made it to season three of the show and we’re looking forward to bringing you more amazing and delicious superfood strategies for reaching your goals in 2018. Get ready for top-notch interviews, the new superfood living community, and much more.

[00:11] What to expect from Season 3 of Superfood Secrets
[01:30] Superfood Academy ranked fourth best superfood blogs in the world
[03:10] Superfood Trends in 2018: Learn 18 of the trendiest superfoods in 2018
[04:00] What’s new and exciting in the superfood world
[16:34] The superfood staples
[22:07] What is superfood living and how you can join FREE
[23:37] How to get the Superfood Advent Calendar

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