SFS 023 – No October Without Pumpkins

It’s admired all around the world for its various colors and shapes. It’s especially adored everywhere as the pumpkin pie. It’s also famous as a soup and much more versatile than you may think. There’s hardly a dish where you can’t use superfood and you’re only limited by your imagination. Pumpkins are also packed with a substantial amount of nutrition. Today Iris will share this and much more why pumpkins are must this season for your kitchen.

[2:00] What is a pumpkin
[4:20] The origin of pumpkins
[6:00] Is the pumpkin a vegetable or fruit
[7:00] What makes the pumpkin a superfood
[8:11] What nutrients are found in pumpkins
[10:25] How pumpkins can benefit your health
[12:20] Why men should consider having pumpkin in their diet
[13:50] Consider pumpkins to boost Vitamin A intake
[15:14] Ideas for pumpkins in your meals
[19:32] How to use your pumpkins
[21:00] What are my options when I can’t get fresh pumpkin

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