SFS 022 – Superfoods to Grow Superfoods

In today’s episode, we’re going to dive deep into superfoods for plants. We eat superfoods because they’re delicious and high in nutrients, but have you ever wondered how the nutrients actually get into the plants? Iris has once again called upon our resident gardener Colin to explain.

[1:17] Where to start if you want to get the nutrition into plants
[3:27] How do you get the nutrients into the soil
[5:09] The six macronutrients the must be present in nutrient-rich soil
[7:39] What is Liebig’s Law and why it should matter to you
[10:35] The importance of testing your soil
[11:42] What you can expect to pay for soil testing
[13:41] Which plant should you send for leaf analysis if you’re growing multiple plants in your home garden
[15:02] Should you buy fertilizers or make your own
[16:02] Understanding pure minerals as a fertilizer
[17:05] Understanding raw organic matter as a fertilizer
[18:33] Understanding compost as a fertilizer

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