SFS 021 – Q&A: Superfoods Personally – Part 2

Back by popular demand, Iris brings you another superfoods Q&A from the road. Instead of giving you one episode dedicated to getting your questions answered this month, we’re giving you two! Tune-in as Iris dives into some of the most popular question from her Whole New Life workshop.

[1:06] What do I do with Goji berries
[3:15] What are the benefits of chia seeds
[7:00] Are green or black olives better
[8:00] What are the benefits of green leaves
[10:19] What do I do with green leaves
[11:17] What’s iris’ favorite superfood
[3:24] How do you find the right recipes and organize them
[16:32] How often do the cells in your body renew
[18:32] How often does your liver and taste buds renew
[19:00] How does super foods benefit your eyesight and brain cells

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