SFS 020 – Q&A: Superfoods Personally – Part 1

Iris has been on a road trip around the world and it’s officially day 28 of her trip. As she prepares to teach a workshop for the first time in three years, we bring you the Q&A episode of the month. She’ll answer the most commonly asked questions about superfoods over the past four weeks rather than focusing on questions around one specific topic.

[3:00] What is a superfood
[5:58] Where did the idea come from to start superfood academy
[8:00] Can anyone benefit from superfoods
[10:06] Iris’ favorite superfood
[13:08] Which is the healthier option: smoothies or juices
[15:34] Is raw cacao as healthy as people say it is
[17:48] What are the blue superfoods
[20:00] How can I live healthy when superfoods are expensive

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