SFS 015 – The Magic of Matcha

Chances are you’re familiar with Green Tea at the benefits it has on the body, but it’s likely you’ve never heard of matcha. It’s roots can be traced back to east Asia in China and Japan when it was used for ceremonial purposes and Samurai. The health benefits are limitless and it’s also superlicious. In today’s episode Iris with share the magic of matcha and a superlicious ice cream recipe.

[0:58] What’s superlicious
[2:11] How can we create a healthy ice cream
[2:33] The role of fats and nutrients in ice cream
[4:09] What is matcha and where does it come from
[5:29] How matcha is grown and harvested
[7:49] Alternative ways of using matcha
[9:21] Iris’ recommendations on how to purchase matcha
[10:11] Fun fact: Matcha has _____ more nutritional value than green tea
[11:00] What types of anti-oxidants are in matcha
[12:00] Matcha for brain health and meditation
[13:54] Matcha for decreasing depression and anxiety
[15:40] An abundance of health benefits
[16:30] Precautions to take before consuming matcha tea
[19:31] What fruit goes good with matcha ice cream

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