SFS 013 – Prevention or Cure

If you’re in the northern hemisphere your garden may be under attack! Yes, the creatures and insects have arrived for the summer. Many of our listeners have emailed asking what they should do? So we called in our resident gardener, Colin, to get his thoughts on the best way you can protect your garden. In this episode he’ll be explaining how to spot problems before they start. And what you can do to get any pest in your garden under control.

[1:18] Why pest and diseases may be showing up in your garden this time of year
[2:08] What you can do right now if your garden is under attack
[3:19] Iris’ favorite rosemary tea recipe that will help you relax
[4:13] Colin’s method for spotting problems early in the garden and how to work with insects
[7:00] Should you use toxins and what effect do they have on the ecology?
[7:36] The importance of a garden journal
[9:04] South of the equator? Here’s what you should be doing
[10:30] How the health of your plants impact their nutritional value
[10:49] What to look out for if you want strong and healthy plants
[15:00] Ecology and diversity: two key issues you should consider
[17:15] A real world graden example with camomile
[19:00] The top takeaways from this episode

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