SFS 008 – Relax for Success: The Super Secret in Life and in the Garden

Resident superfood gardener Colin joins us again on this episode of superfood secrets. Last time Colin stopped by, he addressed the question: what actually is a superfood? But the one thing he didn’t mention is what makes a successful gardener. Our focus tends to be 100% on what we want to put in the garden when we start out on the journey. We rarely take time to focus on the mindset that needs to get planted along with the seeds. Over the years Colin has seen many gardeners come and go. Today Colin to reveal the #1 secret to becoming a successful gardener. Listen now to hear what he had to say.

[1:24] What you as the gardener need to do to put the super into superfoods
[2:00] One thing you’ll never expect that makes a successful gardener
[3:15] The #1 secret to being a good observer in the garden
[5:00] Why we must make time to observe in the garden
[6:08] What a french painter and impressionist can teach us about gardening
[7:15] The perfect garden design for creating delicious and nutritious food
[8:33] What to do if you’re too busy relax in the garden
[10:07] How much time should you spend in the garden and what to look for
[11:00] An invitation from Iris and Colin to….

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