SFS 007 – Q&A: Super Lunch for Super Busy Moms

The kids are at school. Dad is at the office. You’re running around town like mad. You might wonder if it’s possible for the entire family to have a superfood lunch on the go? Many clients and listeners have felt the same way. It can be a big challenge. But as you’ll learn in this episode, it’s not impossible. All it takes is a little bit of planning and preparation. Join Iris as she answers the toughest questions about healthy lunches. She will also share tips for superfoods that will help conquer long work days at the office. Listen now and learn how to finally be able to say goodbye to unhealthy lunches and snacking.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

[1:00] – How do I get my kids to eat a healthy lunch
[3:55] – What to include in their lunch to help with stressful subjects or physical activities
[5:26] – What to do when schools don’t allow allergy prone foods
[7:50] – My favorite tips for energizing your lunches
[11:40] – Why you always need have superfood survival boxes handy
[12:50] – How to plan for productive office lunches at work
[16:46] – How do I stop my kids from trading their healthy lunch at school for not so healthy lunches
[19:44] – My favorite superfood that children love

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