SFS 006 – Superfood for a Healthy Heart

In this episode of the superfood secrets podcast Iris introduces a special guest. Her husband and the quiet half of Superfood Academy, Rainer. Eight years ago he suffered from a heart attack at 51. It was a devastating experience that most people never live to share. Following his heart attack, Rainer immediately opted out of surgery and medications. He made drastic changes to his diet and studied alternative methods for healing. Now, eight years later he’s living a normal healthy life. Tune in and hear exactly what Rainer did to win back his health and learn precautionary measures you can take to help prevent the leading cause of death for both men and women.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

[1:00] – Welcome Rainer, Iris’ husband to superfood secrets
[1:30] – Rainer recounts his heart attack experience and why he’s lucky
[5:00] – Why Rainer decided not to have an operation
[6:30] – The effects of prescription drugs and medications had on Rainer’s body
[7:26] – What superfoods are best for your heart
[9:50] – The superfoods that Rainer thinks taste good and make him feel good
[11:48] – The importance of having a raw diet and listening to your body
[13:57] – How a heart attack can change your life perspective
[16:19] – Discovering The Buteyko Method
[18:00] – What Rainer would do if faced with the same situation
[19:16] – Advice for those who are at risk of a heart attack
20:30] – The difference between today and back then
[21:25] – Why making the decision to change your life may be easier than you think

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